DuPont Requests Permits For Disposal Site, Residents Listen In

There's a public hearing Thursday to discuss DuPont's request for permits to build a new solid waste disposal facility at the DeLisle plant.

The proposed site would sit on 32 acres on the DeLisle plant's property and would resemble a berm. Twenty-four of those acres are considered wetlands.

The solid waste disposal would be used for coke and ore. DuPont says storage on site would be preferable than having to truck the coke and ore out of the plant to be disposed of at another location.

DuPont has several other solid waste disposals on the property, but this is the first time the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality has required a permit.

The disposal would sit on a layer of clay along with several other protective layers. DuPont is requesting to dig-up the clay needed from property DuPont owns across the street. Harrison County has approved the clay removal twice, but DuPont still needs MDEQ approval.

A third request is to turn DuPont's four 90 day tanks into continuous tanks. The tanks are used to store coke and ore being readied to be put in the landfill.

The public hearing begins Thursday at 7 p.m. at the West Harrison County Civic Center.