Deadline nears for Hancock Co. storm debris removal

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - If you live in the un-incorporated areas of Hancock County and still have hurricane debris and wet household items that need to be picked up, county leaders say you are running out of time to get it to the roadside.

The first round of storm debris clean up is just about complete. The second and final round of pick-up will be handled a little differently than the first. So far clean up crews have collected more than 5,500-cubic yards of storm debris. They expect that number to more than double once all of the debris is gone.

"FEMA is going to allow us to have two passes and we're in that first pass now," said Hancock County Road Manager Bill Johnson.

Hancock County work crews are doing the job, and FEMA will be reimburse the county. Johnson said work crews will complete their first pass through the neighborhoods this weekend.

"So what we're going to do after we finish this first pass is take off for about two weeks, do a media blitz and try to get the word out they need to separate it on this second round. And we will be back, we feel like two weeks is enough time to get anything out they want to get to the right of way," explained Johnson.

Residents are now being asked to sort their debris in separated piles.

"It increases our flow our speed of picking things. Different classes of debris go to different landfills. Construction debris goes to one, landfill tree limbs and vegetation they go to another landfill, and hazardous materials go to another area," said county worker Bill Gilsinan.

He said the debris must be placed on the public right of way and not on private property. And debris will not be picked-up in front of any commercial business.

County leaders plan to start the second and final pass through neighborhoods in unincorporated Hancock County by the middle of next month.

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