Jackson Co. supervisors overturn portion of new fugitive mandate

Jackson County Jail
Jackson County Jail

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Fugitives arrested in Moss Point must be housed at the Jackson County Adult Detention Center. Monday, county supervisors overturned a portion of Sheriff Mike Byrd's recent order aimed at controlling overcrowding at the jail.

The supervisors said they won't support the new inmate mandate that refuses fugitives captured in Moss Point.

"Based on our board attorney, the sheriff's department does have the authority to refuse inmates coming from municipalities. However, we do have contracts with Gautier and Moss Point, so the sheriff's department should be taking the NCIC hits from those particular cites," said Supervisor Melton Harris.

The board began to investigate after the sheriff's memo last week saying the jail was overcrowded.

"Didn't any of us know about it," Board President John McKay said. "Not even our board attorney knew anything about until the press began to call and ask questions about it, and that is no good."

"At no time was I contacted by the Board of Supervisors or the police chiefs when I put this memo out," Sheriff Mike Byrd said.

According to Byrd, the mandate was not a permanent policy. Instead, the sheriff said it's a temporary solution to a bad situation at the jail.

"Fugitives who are wanted from out state have to put on lockdown. We did not have any places to put them," said Byrd. "They have their own jails, and until I can get this situation squared away at the jail, that was the purpose of the memo. It is not a policy change."

But Moss Pont Chief Keith Davis said his old jail is just not the right place.  He believes dangerous fugitives on the run need to be in the county jail.

"The facilities are harder to get out of and I just think it puts people in this county in a safer position," Davis said.

The sheriff said in about two weeks he should have enough room at the adult detention center to take in all NCIC fugitives from all four police departments.

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