The Red Cross needs help replenishing funds after Isaac

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - The American Red Cross has helped South Mississippi prepare and recover from Hurricane Isaac. They have done everything from making sure families have a plan, to opening shelters and handing out clean-up kits. But it takes money to be able to provide these services. 

South Mississippi Chapter executive Jay Huffstatler said, "We've estimated it's going to be about $18 million across the Gulf Coast, not just in Mississippi alone, to actually replenish the funds."

That is why your help is needed for the WLOX News American Red Cross Disaster Relief For Isaac telethon. The Red Cross relies on donations to be able to aid the community.

"From comfort kits, to cleanup kits, to our bulk items such as rakes, tarps, shovels, ice chests items like that we had many, many volunteers over 1,400 volunteers throughout the state in ERVS, shelters, different things like that. All funds raised will go back to replenish those funds that were spent, so next time a disaster comes we have those funds in hand, ready and we can deploy those resources and assets on the ground in South Mississippi," Huffstatler said.

While The Red Cross never knows when a big disaster will strike, the organization responds to individual disasters on a daily basis.

The South Mississippi chapter alone responds to a disaster every 24 hours, so it's not just hurricanes, they have floods and tornados. They help with train derailments.

"Our most common disaster we respond to are single family house fires and that happens almost on a daily basis," Huffstatler said. "You never know when yourself, your neighbor or your family member are going to be affected."

So if you were fortunate enough to be spared from the worst of Isaac, you are asked to consider making a donation.

"Mississippi is a very generous state, we are known to be number one for giving back to their communities so we are hoping South Mississippi comes out and supports us very generously," Huffstatler said.

The telethon begins Monday morning at 5:30 a.m. during Good Morning Mississippi and the telethon will take place in all newscasts through 7 p.m. You can donate by visiting

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