Volunteers want to help South Mississippi's wildlife

It has been helping rescue and rehabilitate injured animals for more than a decade. Sunday the Wildlife Care and Rescue Center held a volunteer calling at Camp Wilkes in Biloxi, hoping to attract people who share the same love and passion it does for South Mississippi's wildlife.

Everywhere you turn your head South Mississippi's living beauty is sure to capture your attention.

Shani Bourn said, "We are really super lucky on the Gulf Coast. We have the estuaries, we have the fresh water systems and the diversity here is un matched."

Bourn said she believes those habitats and the animals that live in them is what helps make the six coastal counties such an attractive place.

Bourn said, "I teach Life Sciences, Zoology, Aquatic Science and I have always enjoyed wildlife. I definitely wanted to spread it more into my personal life."

That's why she is teaming up with more than 15 other volunteers who share the same love--a passion for wildlife. They sat in listening and learning to Wildlife Care and Rescue Center's Director, Alison Sharpe's class about how they can help volunteer and play a part in the rescue and rehabilitating process.

Alison Sharpe said, "Are biggest is that we need help in transporting animals. Picking them up possibly and transporting them to a person, who can take care of them and to actually teach them how to take care of them."

Right now the non-profit organization is opening three intake centers, this is not a place where the actual rehabilitation process happens, but is a place where people along the coast can bring injured animals.

Sharpe said, "Because currently there are no other places than people's homes. People are rehabilitating out of their homes so they need somewhere they can actually take animals. So these people I'm hoping to incorporate them into run those actual centers and keep them open."

Bourn said, "Hope that I can make a difference and enrich the diversity that we have."

If you want to volunteer or get more information about the non profit group you can call 228-669-2737.

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