D'Iberville celebrates the first day of Fall

Festival goers attended the End of Summer Street Festival in D'Iberville Saturday.
Festival goers attended the End of Summer Street Festival in D'Iberville Saturday.

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The City of D'Iberville if falling into Autumn with a smile. The Gateway group hosted its first ever End of Summer Festival on the newly revitalized Central Avenue Saturday.

Soon the days will get shorter and the leaves will turn, cementing the fact that Fall is really here. The City of D'Iberville came together. Closing the end of one season, while celebrating another.

"When you have a change of season there's a definite change that people notice. It's not so much in the weather all the time. Sometimes it's our actions, it's what we do," Gateway Group Member, Tracy Morgan said.

The Gateway Group is showing citizens that your outlook on things can determine your mood. Though closing the chapter on this year's Summer can be saddening for some, this event shows that the good times can keep going strong.

"An event like this signifies that Summer maybe over, but the party is not over. We're still going to have fun in D'Iberville. We had quite a few people come out here today. We had a lot of competition with other events in the area, but overall we still had a good turn out," Morgan said.

With close to 60 vendors, the event brought the usual festival feel, with a celebration all its own. Not everyone is thrilled about Summer ending, but the event offered a fun time for everyone.

"It's great. It's hot out here, but everybody seems to be having a good time. We had great prizes, great sponsors that came out and supported us. Businesses down here on Central Avenue and throughout D'Iberville came out and supported a great community event," Morgan said.

So while some may not be ready to bring in the Autumn months with a warm welcome, the Gateway Group is just happy to have been a means to bring the community together to celebrate the changing seasons.

"I think it comes naturally to me to want to help somebody else. If I had to put it into a feeling, I guess it feels pretty good," Morgan said.

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