Bids were soaring at the Ocean Springs surplus auction

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The Ocean Springs surplus auction brought in hundreds of people, and bids were flying for some unique items.

"Actually, I didn't wake up this morning and expect to buy a fire truck, but I did," said Jeb Clearman.

Clearman is the new proud owner of a 1985 pumper truck that sold for $1,900.

"The fire truck might be going to the parade though. We'll get it running, and put it in the parade," said Clearman.

Alongside Clearman was Paul McDaniel who just bought a Harley Davidson for $3,400.

He said it will go well with his 10 other motorcycles.

"I like motorcycles," said McDaniel.

The city of Ocean Springs decided to take city property they no longer need, and they're converting it to cash.

"Give back to our fund to help finance activities of the city," said city building official Rob Black.

Blackman said he wasn't expecting such a big turnout, but the reason is simple.

From bulldozers to church pews and even motorcycles, they had it all.

"The Harley Davidson brought, you know a little over $3,000, which is good for a 2004 Harley Davidson that doesn't run. So, we've done pretty well today," said Blackman.

As successful as the day has been for the city of Ocean Springs, some might argue it was even more successful for others.

"Yea, I wasn't expecting to get it. So it's a good day!" McDaniel said.

"It has, it's been a good day. I bought a tractor and a fire truck. I'm ready for anything," said Clearman.

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