Children battling cancer get the princess treatment

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Two South Mississippi children got to spend a day living the life of a princess. Destiny Carnahan and Ashton McShane, both battling cancer, were given the royal treatment courtesy of The Pink Heart Funds.

At just 6 and 9 years old, Destiny and Ashton have both already had more than their share of adversities in life. It hasn't been easy for their families either. But on this day, it was all about living life to the fullest, with a royal touch, of course.

"These two little girls are battling cancer. One of the little girls, Ashton, this is her second time around with it. I feel like when we crown them princesses, that just kind of makes them feel more special," said Pink Heart Funds President JoAn Niceley said. "We have found in the past that it really helps them with what they're going through."

Before the crowning ceremony, each of the young ladies were given a worry free day, with all a princess could ask for. It started at the spa, with a relaxing manicure and make-overs. Then, the royal duo hopped in their limo for some frozen yogurt, and made their way to Our Lady Academy in Bay St. Louis. That's where some special guests stood by.

"Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped by. Mrs. Claus is also battling cancer. I felt that it would be great if she could come and share with the girls and let them know that she too is going through this," Niceley said.

Along with Pink Heart Funds, this year's Princess Day was orchestrated by the State's National Elite Miss, Katelyn Perry.

"Pink Heart Funds is such a great organization. They help so many people on the coast. Being a part of this, I may not be able to change the world, but at least I can change the lives of these two little girls. That's just so special to know," Perry said.

"It feels awesome because people just don't know. They don't get to see these children like I get to see them and work with them. It just really touches my heart. I think it touches the hearts of many to see all that they've been through," Nicely said.

Pink Heart Funds relies on donations to make dreams like this come true. You can find information for donating to the cause at the Pink Heart Funds website:

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