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Mississippi driver's test now available through an app

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Before teenagers can legally let the rubber meet the road, they must first let the pen meet the paper and pass a driver's test. Now in preparation for it, their finger can meet the screen. Yes, there's an app for that.

"We're trying to incorporate more innovative technology because it's so rapidly changing these days," said Warren Strain with the Department of Public Safety.

To do that, the department synced up with tech company Mississippi Interactive to develop and launch the Mississippi Driver's practice test. It's an interactive 25 question assessment of your driving comprehension.

"It is the actual questions. It will be randomly generated so each time you take it, it will be a different set of questions just as it is as if you were taking it in a driver's license station," said Strain.

"I think it's going to give them a great way to practice their driving skill knowledge," said  Mississippi Interactive General Manger Deanna Gronlie.

Gronlie says with teenagers as the focus group, putting the state test in their hands, the way they want it, makes all the difference.

"They're going to want to do it because it's a fun test. It's something that they can do on their tablet or their phone and exchange results with their friends," said Gronlie.

The app is not designed just for those preparing to take a drivers test. It's also for those who've already passed one, but may have forgotten some rules of the road.

Having a license in hand for more than a decade, I decided to re-test my knowledge. After about fifteen minutes, I passed, but not as highly as I hoped. While most laws haven't changed, some have.

With recent legislation like Nathan's Law and a new bicycling law, folks already with a license just may need to gear up as well.

"It's just going to be a way to reinforce the skills so we have more good drivers on the roads," said Gronlie.

"In the long run we want to try and make it as simple as possible for someone to prepare for taking the test," said Strain.

The app is free, but only available through Apple products. The plan is to eventually develop it for Android users as well. The Department of Public Safety will also be teaming up with the Department of Education to promote the app within the schools.

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