Experimental aircraft 'incident' under investigation

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - John Lindorfer of Long Beach had just landed on a runway at the Gulfport Biloxi International Airport Friday morning, near the Mississippi Army National Guard center, when the FAA says he ran off the runway and flipped the aircraft.

Lindorfer was taken by ambulance to Memorial Hospital where a spokeswoman confirmed he is in stable condition.

WLOX News has learned the aircraft is not one you see flying the skies everyday. It is called a Sky Cycle and is made by a Tennessee company called Fly Hard Trikes.

Owner Mike Theeke says Lindorfer special ordered the two seater model called the Sting Ray.

Airport director Clay Williams says it is not unusual to see experimental aircraft here.

"There are many that will come in around airports in this area," Williams said.

Immediately after the accident the emergency response team jumped into action.

"I'm proud of our team here at the airport and the quick immediate response," Williams said. "We have an airport emergency plan, they train for this regularly and all is done in accordance with airport emergency plan. It's a very fluid operation that involves FAA, aircraft rescue and firefighting and our own airport rescue team."

And Williams says this shows the airport team is prepared for anything. "Fortunately we have had very few accidents here historically or minor incidents so it unusual, we are glad it's not a regular occurrence," Williams said.

The accident did not happen on the main runway where the commercial aircraft take off and land.

The wrecked aircraft was quickly moved to a hanger so there were no delays of any kind.

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