Coast Voters Glad To See Election End

"Thank God.  Maybe someone will get in there and do something," says Pat Magee of Gulfport.

Whether they are for George W. Bush, Al Gore, or for anybody else, virtually eveyone is glad to see this year's presidential election come to an end.

"On one hand kinda relieved," Jim Soriano of Pass Christian says.  "But on the other hand, I'm really disappointed."

Five weeks after the election, in a time filled with recounts and court decisions, it seems things have finally been cleared for George W. Bush to become the 43rd president of the United States. Still, some folks have lots of questions.

"Did we really elect Bush? Is he really our president? Is he really representing us or is it a bunch of politics?" Soriano says.

As we watched history in the making, this whole ordeal has definitely opened the eyes of a lot of Americans concerning the electorial process.

"I was an active Republican at one time, but his has scared me," says one concerned voter.  "The way they reacted to this refusing to allow a recount of the votes, what are they afraid of?"

"As many times as I voted for a President I never thought that we would go through this," Barbara Robaczewski of Biloxi says.

"I think it was too close, and I'm disappointed it was that close," Clayton Stricker of West Palm Beach says.

Regardless of the outcome, all of America and the world is breathing a sigh of relief that the ordeal is over.