Pearl River Central takes aim on the Picayune Maroon Tide Friday night

Coach Eric Collins doesn't have the most talent, the Blue Devils aren't the fastest but what they do have is determination and dedication.

Pearl River Central has reeled off three consecutive victories, piling up 39 points per game, relying mostly on the run, churning out an average of 196 yards rushing.

The Blue Devils rely on a host of backs, Garret Duplechain, Steven Kubicki and Desmond Spiers.

Collins said, "Our offense has really played well. You know Dylan Spiers our quarterback has played since I've been here. So he has a lot of experience and understands our offense. Our offensive line has a lot of returning starters and we're really just starting to gel."@

Besides playing running back Desmond Michel excels from his defensive end post.

Michel stated, "In our football team we talk about God and he helps us do all this because without him we wouldn't be able to do this and we need him through this. All the guys worked hard during the summer and they got better."@

The Blue Devils know they face a stern challenge on Friday, the Picayune Maroon Tide.

Adam Perrone the Blue Devils leading tacklers said, "We've got to keep our minds right and remembers it's just like every other game we play and go out there and play hard."

Coach Collins knows the Maroon Tide present a big opportunity stating, "They're the defending state champs for a reason. They also have a lot of guys back. They've beaten three awesome football teams and it's going to take just an unbelievable job by our guys Friday night to be able to beat 'em."

PRC defensive coordinator Seth Smith is the son-in-law of Picayune head coach Dodd Lee. We'll meet with Smith and Lee tomorrow night.

Besides having a new attitude, Pearl River Central also has a new look inside the Blue Devils field house. Thanks to the fiery leadership of coach Collins, a new locker room was constructed in August.

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