Summer Heat Arrives On Schedule

The South Mississippi sun made it plenty hot on the first full day of summer.

Although the mercury rose to 90 degrees or just one degree above normal Monday, the "feels like" temperature hit 105 by mid afternoon. And that's the measurement that better shows how miserable it feels outdoors.

Folks on the beach found several ways to keep cool.

The afternoon line outside the Lighthouse Snowball stand is a sure sign summer's heat is here. Martha Broussard molds the snow ice into individual orders, adding bright colored flavors to create the frozen treats. Business is already summertime steady.

"And July fourth is going to be a wipe out. 'Cause we'll probably be open until twelve midnight. Oh yes. The hotter the better," she explained.

Visiting the beach in Biloxi is a tradition for Shannon Konishi and family. So is the snowball stand.

"This is banana and this one is wild cherry. They really cool you off, " said Konishi.

Along with the snowballs, the Mississippi Sound offers a quick remedy for the summer sun. Swimming near the shadows of shrimp boats is something you won't find in Missouri.

"It felt good. It's nice to be at the water. Especially when you come from Missouri. And I have an umbrella so I won't go back a lobster," said Debbie Smith, after emerging from her afternoon swim.

Visitors from the Mississippi Delta know plenty about beating the summer heat. Jenette Randle and her family rented a pair of wide beach umbrellas.

"The weather is great. Wonderful breeze. And a nice umbrella," she said.

South Mississippi residents would be happy if that beach breeze would just stick around for the rest of this summer.