Beach goers head to the water as beaches reopen

Solomon Evans and his son build a fort using the debris found along the beach.
Solomon Evans and his son build a fort using the debris found along the beach.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Just a few weeks since Hurricane Isaac and some portions of the beaches have reopened. Crews have been hard at work to get the beach-fronts back in order.

Crews pulled down the "beach closed" signs between Debuys Road and Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi on Friday. We caught up with some of the folks soaking up the sun.

"I remember while driving the roads, it was a mess. A lot of sand and a lot of debris everywhere. Kind of nasty, but it definitely looks a lot better now," David Mosley said.

Piece by piece the beaches along the coast that parallel Highway 90 are coming back to life. At certain points, the remnants of Isaac are still scattered throughout the three coastal counties.

Though the scenery isn't ideal everywhere just yet, that doesn't seem to be stopping people from enjoying the sandy waterfronts.

"I don't think it's really affecting many people. You can see that people are still coming down here. The beaches are full. So I don't think it's affecting anybody or keeping anyone from coming out here having a good time," beach goer Solomon Evans said.

Until all the debris can be removed from the beaches, some parts will remain closed. It's a safety precaution to ensure that no one gets injured in anyway. Until that happens though, some people are choosing to make due and enjoy as much of the beach as they can.

"Me and my little buddy over here, we were building a fort. He wanted to build a house. We're just having a little fun with some of the stuff laying around here," Evans said.

"It's a nice day with kind of a cool breeze. It's not too, too hot. The suns shining, the waters great. I mean I enjoyed it. I've never been to the Gulf Coast before, but I love the warm water," Mosley said.

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