First Ever Film Fest Coming To Ocean Springs

The next Steven Spielberg or Francis Ford Copolla could be discovered right here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

This fall the first ever Ocean Springs Film festival will give amateur movie makers the chance to show off their talents.

For 10 years David Lacy wrote songs for other people's small independent movies.

When the composer decided to turn film maker he found his opportunities to show his work and stay close to home were limited.

"The closest ones are Jackson to the north and to the west is New Orleans," said Lacy. "New Orleans isn't that far but still it's something to where you feel like you're at home and I wanted to something for a hometown crowd to show because there are a lot of filmmakers here."

Last year Lacy premiered one of his films here at the Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural center.

To his surprise more than 250 people showed up.

Lacy says he knew then that Ocean Springs was ready for its own film festival.

"Anytime you get to screen a film of your own that's a big step to a film maker both in your self confidence I think and you never know who is there watching."

Submissions of films, music videos, and documentaries are already coming in from across the country which Lacy believes will put more focus to Ocean Springs arts community.

"People come from all over and see what we have and not just at that particular festival," said Lacy. "They see everything that goes on here and what a great little artistic community we have here so soon maybe it won't be such a little artistic community. It will help it grow and I think film is just a part of that."

The Ocean Springs film festival will take place September 18 and 19th at the Mary C. O'Keefe Community center.

Entries are $20 for each feature and $15 for experimental and music videos. The entry deadline is August 2nd.

For more information call David Lacy 235-9238