South Mississippi connected to Prince Harry's wild night in Vegas?

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie. You may have seen this posted on a few minutes ago. If not, then get ready, because South Mississippi may have a connection to Prince Harry and his wild night in Las Vegas.

Here's what prosecutors have told me. The woman who reportedly told all about Prince Harry's party in Las Vegas was just booked in the Harrison County jail. The charge – allegedly writing $20,000 in bad checks almost a decade ago.

She's listed in the jail's on line docket under the name Carrie Lynn Franklin; though several media outlets are reporting that when she was first arrested last month, she used the last name Reichert.

The word is the woman in the Harrison County jail became somewhat infamous last month after she detailed her version of Prince Harry's naked night in a Las Vegas hotel room. So how did she end up in custody? According to Harrison County prosecutors, her name popped up in a wanted persons database as she boarded a flight to Mexico.

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