Mississippi tops list of most miserable states for drivers

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Mississippi tops the list of the most miserable states for drivers.

According to the article on CarInsurance.com, Mississippians spend 11.6 percent of household income to fuel and insure their cars, which is the most of any state.

They say Mississippians also drive more miles than motorists anywhere except Wyoming, and they pay more for insurance than most people do. Yet Mississippians' paychecks are the nation's lowest.

The list is compiled by using the cost of gasoline, the cost of insurance and state's median household income as determined by the 2010 Census.

Following Mississippi, Oklahoma is the next most miserable state to drive in, followed by Louisiana, West Virginia, Georgia and Montana.

See the full report on the misery index here: http://www.carinsurance.com/Articles/automotive-misery-index.aspx

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