Biloxi Solar Team Racing Against Time

A small crowd gathered Friday to check out the new ride built by Biloxi High students.

Bubba Weir with the Mississippi Alternative Energy Enterprise said "It looks great. We've had other race cars that we've looked at around the country, and this one really looks super".

Biloxi Senior Nathan Kostmayer helped design and construct the 1,100 pound vehicle for next month's Solar Car Challenge. It's made of batteries, aluminum, and parts of a variety of vehicles.

Nathan Kostmayer said "We got brake lines off a Chevrolet truck.  Some from a golf cart and four-wheeler. I mean, it's a whole bunch of vehicles together".

The car has all the important functions, like turn signals, lights and horn. The car soaks up the sun's rays for power. Except, it's not running yet.

Nathan said "The only problems we were having was with the power trackers that converts the energy".

The students have only one more night to work out all the kinks in this car. That's because on Saturday, folks from the solar car competition will be here to inspect the vehicle to make sure it's safe for the big race.

It's now a race against time. Nathan said "We're going to pull another all nighter tomorrow".

Senior Sean Lee said "We'll have it done. We will".

Despite the minor mechanical complication, the students are "beaming" with pride because they've come so far.

Sean said "Honestly, I'm proud of it. It took a lot of hard work. Just the idea of it coming from concept to this, the whole entire year, that's big enough for me. I'm happy about it".

The Solar Car Challenge is a closed-track race at the Texas Motor Speedway. It runs from July 10th - 14th. The Biloxi High Solar Team still needs sponsors to help send it to the national competition.

By: Trang Pham-Bui