Page 13: Gulfport car collector excited about Cruisin' the Coast

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Next month, thousands of classic cars will roll into South Mississippi for Cruisin' the Coast. Gulfport's John Hans is excited about the annual event as he talks about one of the vintage vehicles in his Gulfport business, "The Busted Wrench."

"This is a 1928 Ford Model A," Hans said. "It has a lot original parts, including the unique horn. It's a fun car to drive."

Welcome to John Hans' world, where vintage automobiles fill a museum of sorts. He said he's had a lifelong love affair with classic cars.

"It started when I was a child. I always had a fascination with cars, planes and boats, like most boys do."

We'll see a variety of classic cars when Cruisin' the Coast begins next month. Collecting unique vehicles is a hobby that has turned into an industry with car collectors like John owning several of the automotive world's most coveted prizes.

"I know people who have three or four cars stashed away. If you see someone with a car, they probably have several more. It's a huge industry," said Hans.

Inside the gift shop at the Busted Wrench, you'll find all kinds of memorabilia from America's rich automotive history.

Hans, like most collectors loves all of his classics. When we asked him if he has a favorite in his collection, he replied, "My favorite is the car I happen to be driving that day."

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