WLOX Editorial: Fall tourism will suffer if beaches aren't cleaned faster

The message and images that have been sent out across our country post Hurricane Isaac are that our beaches are littered with dead nutria and our beaches are closed.

We are happy to report that Hancock County officials have worked around the clock to remove tons of dead nutria from their beaches. Harrison County beach workers are in the middle of cleaning up the mess Hurricane Isaac left there. Our question is how can we speed up the process?

This is a beautiful time of year down here and our beaches are closed. Remember right after Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi Power Company President Anthony Topazi announced that he would have lights on in twelve days. The power company, with help from many other electric companies across the nation, met that goal.

We would like to see that type of intensity launched at getting the beaches cleaned in Harrison County. The sand beach department is doing a fine job. But, it needs more resources. How about the governor asking the national guard to assist in the beach cleanup? Maybe there are other beach communities with equipment that would be willing to lend a hand to our community?

Our fall tourism business is going to suffer unless we can get the word out across our region that the nutria are gone and our beaches are open and ready for visitors.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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