Moss Point Police Chief preaches anti-drug message to young people

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point's police chief preached to kids about leadership, education and making right choices Sunday. Chief Keith Davis said it's part of his ongoing mission to help sweep drugs and crime off the streets of Moss Point.

"It is your responsibility to make a difference in the city. It is time to stand up," Davis said.

Davis talked to young people at Church of the Living God in Moss Point about the importance of being a leader and not a follower on the street and in school.

"Get your education and don't be disturbed by all these outside influences," Davis said.

Some of those outside influences include drugs and violence. According the chief, while crime is down 13 percent from last year, there are still a lot of teens getting into trouble.

"Just like this case incident that we are investigating right now with the home invasion. A gentleman got shot," said Davis. "If this 19-year-old man would have been exposed to some of these cutting edge programs I am talking about, then maybe we could have avoided this crime."

The youths were also told, it's vital that they dare to be different. Davis said he believes the Moss Point police team, city leaders, and community members can help the young people do just that.

"We want to come up with some ways to curtail this crime activity as oppose to just arresting a bunch of children and sending them off prison," said Davis.

The sermon inspired several young people to do the right thing, which they admit is not always easy.

"Yes, because all you want to do is follow the crowd and be cool and do what everybody else does and it gets you in trouble," said attendee Shawneic White.

"I learned to do better in life and to stay focus," attendee Breanna Smith said.

The teens said staying focused will keep them on the road to success.

"Make people want to follow you by doing what you can do and that means good things," White said.

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