Seafood Industry Says Promotion Could Help

A new campaign to promote Mississippi's seafood industry has some business people excited. They say the success that the Mississippi catfish industry got after heavy promotion could apply to the rest of the industry. The Department of Marine Resources is launching an international campaign called "Get Hooked on Mississippi Seafood" to promote the state's seafood industry. D.M.R. is printing a directory of seafood and seafood related businesses. The agency plans to have an exhibit at the International Boston Seafood Show in March which is.the largest seafood trade show in North America. Seafood distributors say promotion of Gulf Coast seafood could be beneficial.

Brian Gollot of C.F. Gollott & Son Seafood in D'Iberville said "If D.M.R. can get out there and promote our wonderful seafood here along the Gulf Coast, it would be tremendous for the state of Mississippi and all of us along the Mississippi Gulf Coast."

Gollott also said that the promotion will help everyone in the seafood industry no matter what type of catch they market.

by Danielle Thomas