Local sisters step in for suffering families

HELENA, MS (WLOX) - Collectively, they call themselves 'The Sisters'. An alliance of Christian women from throughout the community, making a difference in the lives of those who can use a hand.

"We do charity work here. We are first responders behind the Fire Department and Sheriff's Department. We come in (for example) when a home is burned. We help re-establish what is gone. Everything from donated furniture to clothing. Whatever that family needs to be reestablished," Organization President Darlene Whittington said.

For many families in this community, getting re-established begins with getting their hands on some basic necessities. While life may be getting back to normal for some coastal communities, that's certainly not the case here in Helena.

Michael Broxson and his family are just one example of those that lost absolutely everything in the flooding.

"I came here yesterday, to these ladies, because my daughter has been in the same outfit for three days. These ladies, they touched my heart. They got my daughter some toys and some clean clothes," Broxson said. "They gave her some food, and that meant more to me than anything in the world. It touched my heart so much...I was here at 6:30, before they even opened the doors to volunteer my services for the day."

That's exactly what the sisters need, more volunteers.

"We didn't have any assistance from anywhere else, so it was just what the people from the community were bringing. Now we've had churches and organizations that are coming up here. The food gets low, and just when we think we don't have enough to fill the next bag, the back door opens and there it comes," Beth Smith said.

"We can get you in there. You can minister to these people. They need ministering. They need to know that this county loves them because they are feeling very abandoned," Whittington said.

The Sisters will be set up at the Helena Community Center throughout the day on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesdays they break from the center and serve hot meals at the Escatawpa Community Center located at 7101 Mississippi 613, Moss Point, MS 39563.

Thursday through Saturday they will return to the center and hand out food and clothes. The Helena Center is located at 10500 Saracennia Road, Moss Point, MS 39562.

The group is always looking for new volunteers and welcomes anyone who will help out. If you're interested in helping, you can contact Darlene Whittington at (228) 588 2749.

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