Six inches of rain cause flooding in Jackson County

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - First responder radios were busy Wednesday morning pinpointing flooded areas. In a matter of minutes, roads become rivers. It's no surprise the water rose so quickly.

"We had over six inches since midnight last night and it hadn't quit yet," said Fontainbleau Fire Chief Michael Belton.  "A lot of homes in this first subdivision, the water is up to their doors. We're advising them to take towels and pack under the doorsills to try and keep the water from coming in their homes."

In the Village subdivision, water is lapping at the front door of some homes. In St. Andrews, it's even worse. The water is waist high, and cars are swamped. People who live here are nervous.

"The water has risen up so high that I'm fearful that it's going to go into my house," Angela Jones said. "Especially when the large vehicles drive by, it is coming up to the edge of my door and I've been panicking, actually."

In Ocean Springs at Lakeview, the subdivision has earned its name, only this time with a much bigger lake.  Water pours over culverts and into homes.

Quincy McCullum slogs through his waterlogged home.  It's going to be a real mess when the water goes away.  From the looks of his backyard, that may be awhile.

"It just started raining so hard last night and as soon as we got up this morning, we came downstairs and discovered the water as pretty much everywhere around the whole downstairs area here. It's really rough," McCullum said.

Lakeview has flooded before, but never like this. Alex Cruz waits at the bus stop with his daughter and recalls the overnight events.

"It came up pretty fast," Cruz recalled. "About 4 o'clock in the morning we went outside and it and it just came up real fast.  It was like three feet in front of my house."

After the flooding of last week and today, these people are just hoping for a few dry days.

Chief Belton said barring any more rain, the water should recede by Wednesday afternoon, since we are on a low tide cycle right now.

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