Standby volunteers being registered for Isaac recovery

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Volunteers in other parts of Mississippi are mobilizing to help in the recovery from Hurricane Isaac. Tuesday, the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service began registering standby volunteers even as the overall damage is still being assessed.

"There are all kinds of things that people can do in disasters that they don't really realize their talents might be needed," said Deirdra Harris Glover with the commission.

Glover says by registering through a response center or non-profit, volunteer hours can be accounted for and then traded for financial reimbursements.

"Your volunteer hours count toward recovery dollars for your community, so always register through the volunteer response centers if you can," said Glover.

While much of the focus is on the needed work in the southern part of the state, Glover says there's work to be done elsewhere as well.

"There are other needs throughout Central and Northern Mississippi that we just haven't gotten to yet because they're smaller pockets," said Glover.

Response and volunteer efforts stretch across the state as well as the Southeast region. Glover says even with the urge to help, certain procedures must be followed before volunteers can get the green light to help.

"Everyone wants to help immediately. They just want to jump in their cars and go down to the coast when things like this happen. But it's really not safe. And you can endanger first responders, as well as residents by just busting in there without really anyone to coordinate activities," said Glover.

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