Bass Prepares For Last Board Meeting

It looks like it will be August before the people of Long Beach elect someone to replace Robert Bass as Mayor.

For seven years, Bass has lead the city. He is resigning to take a job as Executive Director of the State Personnel Board.

Tuesday night, Bass makes his final appearance at the Board of Alderman meeting. After announcing his resignation two weeks ago, the finality of it all is hitting home.

"I've walked around and I've seen people I've worked with for 7 years. And knowing in roughly two weeks, the realization is that it's all going to come to an end."

Bass is leaving the Mayor's office one year before his second term expires. How does he respond to the suggestion that he did not fulfill his contract with voters?

"I'm sure there has been some of that in some quarters, I have not heard that. I've received a substantial number of congratulatory notes. Almost without exceptions the calls and notes have been congratulatory."

Alderman Allan Holder will serve as acting Mayor after Bass leaves June 30th. At the July 6th meeting, Alderman are expected to set the special election for August 10th.