Bay St. Louis mayor reports no catastrophic damage

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Open signs do not normally hang outside Bay St. Louis City Hall on a Saturday, but following Isaac there is work to be done. The building department spent the day writing permits for anyone needing to do repairs and performing inspections.

"We've been able to access all areas of Bay St. Louis now that the water has retreated, even in the low lying areas, so we've been able to go out and do initial assessments and we are finding very insignificant damage and we are very proud of that," Mayor Les Fillingame said.

Fillingame has confirmed six houses had water inside the living space and he does not expect the final number to be much higher.

"It's very encouraging that the strategy to build the communities back better than they were, more resilient than they were, more prepared than they were has worked very well," Fillingame said.

But there are a number of people who had water in their lower enclosures and some whose electrical panels got wet, so inspectors are going door to door to help.

"Really just to see how they are doing, just to make contact with them, most of them had four, five, six foot of water and they don't really know what to do about it," Flood Plain Manager and Building Inspector Josh Hayes said.

Anyone who received damage whether it is inside or outside needs to contact the building department.

"Mainly we are looking to be sure it's safe for them," Hayes said.

"The building department is here, we are really wanting people that have issues with electric panels or whatever to come get permits, come get those things inspected before their lights are turned on," Fillingame said.

The mayor says he does not expect the recovery process to take long.

"The investment of tax payers across the country for those mitigation efforts after Katrina have paid big dividends to us already, for what we are not having to spend now to repair damages again," Fillingame said.

If you have debris that needs to be picked up you are asked to place it by the streets as soon as possible, removal will begin on Tuesday.

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