Napolitano, feds tour damaged Gulf Coast

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano toured the damage caused by Hurricane Isaac along the Gulf Coast on Sunday.

Calling it an "all hands on deck event", Napolitano joined Gov. Phil Bryant, Rep. Steven Palazzo, and local officials in her tour of the flood-scarred coast.

"As we saw Hurricane Isaac begin to form, we began the motion, pre-positioning manpower assets and all the like in areas that would be around the storm," Napolitano said.

During the storm federal and state officials worked together to make sure people were safe.

"With those efforts, we were able to either rescue or aid in the emergency evacuation of 924 Mississippians -- 924 souls that were safe from rescues or removing them from a very dangerous swift water situation," Bryant said.

Now that the storm has passed, Napolitano wants victims to know there is help through FEMA.

"The declaration signed by president allowed Mississippi to move forward, confident their emergency expenses will be reimbursed," Napolitano said.

Bryant said the recovery efforts put forth by state and federal officials will be just as aggressive as the response to the storm.

"We will continue to reach out everyday to Mississippians who need our help," Bryant said.

Napolitano also vowed the federal government will remain involved until the end.

"We have been here, we will remain here -- all hands on deck -- and we will do whatever we can to work with Mississippi and it's team to make sure the recovery is efficient, smooth, and as quick as possible."

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