Flag Petition

People who want the state flag issue put to a vote, targeted patrons of a weekend gun show to get support for their effort. "Measure 21" is the initiative to place the current state flag, in the Mississippi constitution.

Many people left the gun show packing political power. They signed a petition that would let the citizens of Mississippi vote on whether to keep or change the state flag.

Supporters of the petition need signatures from 92 thousand certified voters to put the initiative on the ballot. Petition supporter Greg Stewart says the way we've been tracking it and the way they've been coming in it's been pretty consistent. It would be safe to say that by the beginning of the 2nd week in January we will have the requisite number.

Stewart started in October and has a year from then to get the necessary signatures... So far, Stewart believes he's about a third of the way there. He says there's so many people that are motivated by this that are just dying to help. We get them the petitions, they get out to their friends and Sunday school and local grocer and they're pouring in now.

Flag proponents estimate they received about 3000 signatures at the gun show. But still, many people here have mixed feelings about what to do with our state flag.

Morton Resident Stacy Keaton says the petition's not going to change anyone's attitude. But says if the flag is making so many people uncomfortable they should change it.

Rankin County Resident Robert Crook says it's the politicians such as Governor Musgrove and Governor Winter who make it divisive. He says he doesn't make it divisive and he's certainly not going to, in deference to his grandfather, sit idly by and let something like this happen.

If measure 21's goal is met, the initiative could be on the ballot is 2002.