National Guardsmen rescue families from rising water in Helena community

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - National Guardsmen and emergency responders have been rescuing folks trapped in the Helena Community. So far, the count is up to 177.

Little Millie Wilson and her grandmother Donna are lucky to be alive. The  National Guard rescued them from rising water in their home Friday morning. 

"It was really bad, up to our necks. Yes, I was very scared, and I was shaking, crying. I had to get out of there with this baby," resident Donna Chandler said.

This rescue is among many here in the Helena Community.  Several residents said they just weren't anticipating Isaac to serve up so much dangerous weather, so they grabbed what they could and got out.

"This morning it was like all the way up to our house, and I don't think it has ever been that bad," Resident Alicia Folsom said.

For the past two days, The National Guard has used Humvees to drive around and pickup people from their flooded neighborhoods. Escatawpa Fire department is also helping with the rescue efforts.

"The military vehicles we have had here, we have had three of them to break down because of the high water," Assistant fire chief Jimmy Harris said.

Fire officials said they believe water has not been receding fast enough because of the constant heavy rainfall and water being pushed from the Escatawpa River.

"It was very excessive rainfall we had, and the river is slow about draining because of high tide, but that is what is causing this," Harris said.

Residents said whatever is causing this mess they hope it stops soon, so they can get back to their homes and not have to worry about storm.  Escatawpa Fire Department officials are expecting the water to start receding Saturday morning.

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