Shoreline Park Residents Prepare For Tropical Weather

People with homes along the water know how quickly tropical rainfall can bring flooding. So even when the forecast is in flux, they have to prepare for the worst. Just ask the people in the Shoreline Park area of Hancock County.

"I've been here on the Coast all my life but this is the first time I've lived on the water," Linda Pucheu said.

Pucheu moved to Hancock County's Shoreline Park community a month and a half ago. Not knowing what to expect from the canals that wind through her neighborhood, she spent the morning securing her belongings underneath her raised home.

"A Southeast wind and a lot of rain and a high tide. I think maybe the road will flood where I can't get out, so I want to pick everything up now so if I do have to leave, everything will be secure."

Fellow resident Leroy Dinett agrees.

"You never know how high the water is going to come, but you can always protect yourself a little more you know."

Dinett knows what mother nature can bring. He watched lawn furniture, coolers and tools float way two years ago during Tropical Storm Isidore and Hurricane Lili. Since then, he built a shed four feet off the ground.

"I built it high so I can put stuff in it just in case the water comes up. You live by the water, you've got to play the rules of the water."

Civil Defense officials are monitoring the system closely.

"We're advising everyone to just pay attention to the news... because right now we don't know what to expect with this storm. We can expect some rain, but we don't know how much. We always try to tell people, especially in the low lying areas, it's better to be safe than sorry," Hancock County Civil Defense Director Brian Adam said.

Adam says people who take that advice will be glad they did.

The coast is divided into three different evacuation zones, depending on elevation. Knowing which zone you live in is something you should be aware of before a storm heads our way. Click here to find out which evacuation zone you live in.

To learn more about preparing for a storm, click here to visit our WLOX Hurricane Center.

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by Al Showers