Beauvoir Visitors Disappointed

Investigators are waiting for the lab results to determine what was used to start the fire, and authorities continue to search for the arson suspect who tried to burn down Jefferson Davis's home.

The fire happened June 5th in the early morning, but damage was limited to the doorway. An off duty firefighter, David LeMasters, was passing by and was able to put the fire out.

The home has been closed since the fire, and security has been increased. Officials with the Beauvoir home want the public to know they're still open for business, but some visitors say they were disappointed they couldn't tour the home.

"There are some people who are mainly here to see the house, and so are going to try and come back later. Or may have to see the house at another time, " Beauvoir's Executive Director Patrick Hotard said.

"Oh yeah a little bit. I only heard about the fire a few days ago, but the museum was terrific. But it would be interesting to see the house too," Dr. Richard Wilson from Minnesota said.

"I think it's a shame that we can't see it's history. I think someone thought it was a good prank just to try, and just close that down and not be able to let us see that, " Owen Oliver from Arkansas said.

Hotard said the number one priority is to get the home back open to public tours as soon as possible. The other priority is to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

"We have augmented our security procedures and we've also added some additional personnel at certain times. We are looking at other intermediate and long term options to better secure the property," Hotard said.

In the short term, Hotard says a lot of painstaking restoration work lies ahead. He feels confident the home can be reopened fairly soon.

"We may even be able to do it in stages where even though some aspects of the job are not completed yet the house will still be able to be opened."

By: Don Culpepper