Phat Wrapz - Highway 90, Ocean Springs

A rolled deli sandwich shop has been open for a little over a year now in Ocean Springs, and with healthy food being all the rage, you may want to check out Phat Wrapz.

Sara Dumal has been managing Phat Wrapz since it opened in February of 2003. The owner, Tobin Goodgame, is also Sara's boyfriend.

Sara says, "My boyfriend and I travel a lot, and we've traveled to several different cities. We saw different places similar to this...different healthy places to eat."

Once the couple decided to stay on the coast, they knew they wanted to do something unique.

"We wanted to do something productive, so we decided on a wrap shop," says Sara.

Now, all they needed was name. Phat Wrapz it was...spelled P-H-A-T.

Sara explains, "Pretty Hot And Tempting. It means like really, really good...really awesome. It's a slang term for younger people, more of our generation. We're young. I'm 21; he's 25."

"But our wraps are know fat as in round as well as really, really good," Sara says.

Sara sees all generations coming in the restaurant from teenagers to grandparents.

"Basically how we came up with all of the sandwiches, when we were renovating this building...myself and two other people sat in here for about 3 months and just wrote down what we thought sounded good, and Thank goodness it took off because all the sandwiches are made up. We made up all 55 of them ourselves," Sara says.

"My favorite is the Mediterrian, which is chicken, feta cheese, greek vinegarette, lettuce, green peppers and onions, olives and mushrooms. That one's cold," says Sara

If one of the 55 choices don't strike your fancy, you can make your own.

"We have one called a PhatWrap your own, you can put whatever on it that you want," Sara says.

You can make your wrap as healthy or non-healthy as you wish. Choose from a white, wheat, spinach or sundried tomato wrap. You choose your meats, veggies, cheeses and dressings. You can even make it hot or cold.

"It's very healthy food," Sara says.

They will have six new salads as well as a new menu coming out around the first of July. They also cater for many events and will deliver when a certain dollar amount is ordered.

PhatWrapz is located on Highway 90 in Ocean Springs, across from Cingular Wireless. Call 228-872-2533 for more information.