Biloxi Kids Hit The Field At New Recreational Complex

Biloxi residents have seen their tax dollars at work and at play. The city has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a new park on Popps Ferry Road.

This weekend players, coaches and parents got the chance try out a the newly built soccer field. Cornelius Betz was happy to be able to watch his son play on a brand new soccer field. He says the funds that went into building it is money well spent.

"It's a lot better to have more places for the kids to play so it's really awesome to have new fields," Betz said. "I love the set up and you can see taxpayers putting their money in good places."

Biloxi has between 1,500 and 1,600 kids registered in its youth soccer league. Because of the lack of space, the older age groups were forced to play at Yankee stadium but not anymore. The new soccer field is international sized so kids ages 12 and older can play on the field. Coaches say the extra space gives the kids more freedom to enjoy the game.

"It's much better on this larger field," Coach Ronald Day said.  "We have more room to work with the boys. You can teach the boys to spread out."

"It helps them value the game a little bit more," soccer dad Brian Moores said.  "They are not playing on a make up lot or a baseball field or something like that. This was built for soccer and it really emphasizes that."

In addition to the soccer field, there's also a basketball court and four tennis courts and about 200 added parking spaces. Some Biloxi parents say the added recreational opportunities are well worth the $650,000 price tag.

by Danielle Thomas