Learn More About Cellular South

At Cellular South, wireless is all we do, and we do it well.   "We are wireless."  We understand that for wireless users, the most important aspect of the service is to be able to use it when and where it is needed.  At Cellular South, we focus on providing unprecedented calling plans, expanded coverage, and increased call clarity, at an affordable price.  Things like:

  • One rate calling available on the entire Cellular South network.  That means NO ROAMING AND NO LONG DISTANCE CHARGES throughout Mississippi and the Cellular South network with Digital calling plans!
  • Convenient retail locations throughout the Cellular South network.
  • Award winning Customer Service providing you one-on-one service for questions on billing, equipment or service plans.
  • Fast and convenient Shop by Phone service providing you the option to purchase from home by calling toll free 1-877-CSOUTH1.
  • Cutting edge technology so you always have the last products and services available.