Part of Horn Island now off limits to the public

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie. Ever been to the Chimney on Horn Island? If the answer is yes, then you know where that 30 acre parcel is. And you also know which area is now off limits to the public.

The National Park Service closed 30 acres of Horn Island after BP cleanup workers discovered tiles containing asbestos. Those tiles were at a site known as the Chimney. We're told that location was a biological testing site for the U.S. Army. Cleanup of the affected area is expected to take several years. We'll take you to Horn Island on WLOX News at 6:00.

Jackson County supervisors have fired the company they originally tapped to build a new jail. Instead, supervisors will consider one of four alternate plans they've been studying over the last three weeks. A new jail architect for Jackson County is expected to be selected on September 4th. We have the latest on the jailhouse construction debate on WLOX News at 6:00.

Demolition talk will dominate tomorrow's Biloxi City Council meeting. On the agenda are 15 demolition resolutions. The old White House Hotel, and the Santa Maria tower in downtown Biloxi are two of the properties whose futures should be determined tomorrow. For weeks, Biloxi has asked those property owners to restore what Katrina destroyed, or at least clean the seven year old eyesores. Otherwise, city leaders vow to use a state law and knock down those buildings.

Be sure to flip over to CBS and watch WLOX News at 6:30. That's where you'll see a community in mourning. People in LaPlace, Louisiana lined city streets to honor a fallen officer. Jeremy Triche was on duty last week when he got gunned down in the line of duty. The St. John Parish deputy was just 27-years-old.

Many of you know Brandon Payne. He's one of the top republicans in Harrison County. And now, he's one of the state's most influential republicans. Payne was tapped today to become the state GOP's executive director. Payne says his role will be to keep the party focused on its conservative principles. Payne and other Mississippi republicans head to their national convention in Tampa next week.

Have a great night.