High Schoolers "Shadow" Industry Pros

Some Gulfport High School travel and tourism students are getting hands-on training in the industry.

Students spent the morning at the Gulfport Grand Casino, shadowing the chefs. They helped with all kinds of kitchen duties and food preparation.

The students say they hope to put what they learned today to use, in some kind of tourism-related vocation.

"Maybe if I want to be a chef or something in the industry, something in the tourism industry, and if I go in restaurants, I'll know how it works and stuff," Gulfport high schooler Sara Nguyen said.

"Besides playing basketball, I want to be a chef," Gulfport high schooler Joanna Williams said. "I like cooking, so it should help me in the future."

This is the second year the students of the Academy of Travel and Tourism class at Gulfport High have learned new skills at the casino.