Beatles Still Shaping Music World

John Lennon would probably smile to know that his old band's music is still topping the charts 30 years after the Beatles broke up. The Beatles' new release "One" is indeed number one in 27 countries across the globe.

The Beatles have attracted a whole new generation of fans because their music is timeless. Matthew Kreuger's favorite ex-Beatle is the late John Lennon. Only 19 years old, Kreuger wasn't even born when Lennon was killed. But he says Lennon's musical message is just as strong today.

"John Lennon was heart and song," Kreuger says.  "He wrote down what he was feeling and about Yoko Ono and all that and I see pure art in his music.

That's an art that no other group has been able to top.

"They're hip, they're real hip," says Aaran Ceasar, an employee at a coast music store. "You can't touch that, you know? It's just something from back then that was before its time.

Nineteen-year old Nathan Clutter's love of the Beatles was handed down from his stepfather.

"He listened to them all the time," Clutter says.  "He started listening to them on his records, and occasionally I'd start singing them in the shower."

From CD's, calendars, to the new bestselling Anthology book, the Beatles are everywhere. The mop top foursome took America by storm and music has never been the same.

"They changed our culture, our music, fashion," book store employee Jaid Henderson says. "The first time that the kids were actually openly defying their parents with the way they dressed, the way they wore their hair, I think they started all that."