East Hancock Elementary Students Make Their Change Count

Students at East Hancock Elementary are helping needy classmates, with a fundraising campaign, called "Coins For Christmas"

Students have been collecting loose changed for the past week. The money will be used to buy Christmas toys, food and clothing. Students raised a total of $2,291.09. Nearly $200 of that came from third grade student Aaron Marisco.

"I saved my college money, and I gave it to the poor," Marisco said.  "They can use it more than me."

Another student at East Hancock Elementary felt the same way.

"When I collected $45, I couldn't wait to give it up to somebody who needs it," fifth grader Dillon Shiyou said. "I could use it but really they could use it more than I could."

Teachers say the fundraiser teaches students a valuable lesson about caring for others, while at the same time sharpening their math skills.