WLOX Editorial: Journalism students promoting Long Beach Schools

We came across something this week that we thought was outstanding. Journalism students at Long Beach High School are producing a video to show why that school district is one of the best in Mississippi.

These high school students will get real life experience in interviewing, recording and putting together a story to show the benefits of being a student in Long Beach Schools.

The budding journalists will be able to use this knowledge as they grow in their careers. Also, who better to tell the story of their school district than the students.

"When they move down to the coast and can't decide if they want to go somewhere else, they might look at this video and say, 'Okay this school is awesome! We have to go there,'" said High School Senior Savannah Scafide.

Another goal of the video is to help the town's recovery. If more parents move to Long Beach, start additional businesses it helps the city to grow.

This is a great project for the students and one that could bring huge benefits for the school district and the city of Long Beach.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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