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Miss. group releases 5th 'snake grabbin' video

It probably won't replace the national pastime, but it's a sport that is gaining interest. It's also probably best left as a spectator sport.

But if all goes well for a group of folks from Mississippi, they could soon have a nationwide audience for their sport of snake grabbin'.

"We took catfish grabbin' I guess you'd say, to another level," said Jimmie Nichols. "All of us were a little scared of sticking our hands in holes where you couldn't see what you were grabbing. Most of the snakes we grab as you can see in the videos, you'll see them laying on a limb or you'll see their head sticking out of the water, whatever it may be. It's just something very similar to the shows you are seeing now, the catfish grabbing type stuff. We're just grabbing snakes instead of catfish."

Nichols is one of the members of the Grabuone Outfitters. If they didn't out and out invent snake grabbin' they certainly perfected it.

The members are from Mississippi. And how they started doing this smacks of a practical joke that has gone on and on and completely outlived it's initial purpose. To the point that the boys are about to release their fifth snake grabbin' video this weekend.

Brent Shorter is their videographer and producer. I've known Brent all of his life. Knew his daddy. He used to seem like such a sane kid. But after just one trip shooting video, he was out of the boat, grabbing snakes himself.

"The first thing is keep the camera out of the water," said Brent Shorter of Shorter Productions. "When there's six of us out there in the water there's always a chance for mishaps. We've had pretty good luck catching snakes and no guys shy of the camera with us. We all want to be stars."

With the release of their fifth video this weekend, they might get a bigger shot than they've ever had before at a national audience because they'll be at Bass Pro Shop, testing the waters, as it were.

"It's one of our favorite stores," said Nichols. "We're all hunting, fishing type people. But Bass Pro is basically allowing us to come into their store, giving us the opportunity to see what kind of attention we get there and hopefully with their support from the Pearl store, hopefully can maybe move it nationally with their chain."

And there's more to them than just a bunch of crazy guys out in the lake searching for snakes. They raise money with their annual Snake Grabbin' Rodeo, most recently for a 10-year-old cancer patient from Simpson County.

And obviously, don't try this at home.

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