Employers Say Job Fair Is Successful

More than 1,800 job seekers and employers made their way to the Tri-County Job Fair in Pascagoula Tuesday. The job fair allows employers to interview hundreds of candidates on the spot in only a few hours.

"This is the application. We're hiring for operations and maintenance trainees," Nicki Steele, an employee at Chevron told job seekers.

Nicki Steele stayed busy at this year's Tri-County job fair.

"It's been very productive for us. We've given out 3,000 plus applications. We even ran out at one point and had to have some more brought out to us."

Chevron is looking for 60 new employees.

"I think the job fair is very useful in helping us find qualified candidates, because it does draw such a large crowd," Steele said.

One obstacle these employers face is finding qualified candidates for the positions open, and the job fair helped to draw crowds of potential workers who could fill almost any position.

"You have people with college degrees. You have people with a lot of years experience. You just see a lot more people than just the ones walking in the business itself, also," David Kilbern, an employee at CableOne said.

Employers say the fair gives job seekers a chance to cut through the red tape to get an interview with a company.

"We meet them, and we talk to the people here, and we can have one-on-one contact with them," Kilbern said.

"So this is a very good opportunity for people to come out to see what the jobs are about and to get the information they need to apply for them," Steele said.

Organizers with the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce said 823 job offers were made during the fair. Employers expect to make an additional 750 in the coming months.

By: Claire Nelson