Gulfport, MDOT agreement may end legal battle

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie.  I just got off the phone with Gulfport Councilman Ricky Dombrowski.  The city council is holding a special meeting at 5:30 tonight.  And the topic is a potential settlement in a lawsuit between the city and MDOT.  Apparently, MDOT needed to buy some city land at I-10 and Canal Road for a road expansion project.  But, the state and the city couldn't agree to a purchase price.  The case is due in court this week.  However, I'm told the two sides may have reached an agreement.  Stay tuned.

A year ago at this time, we first learned about the budget mess in Waveland.  We covered meeting after meeting, where aldermen debated whose jobs should be cut, and which departments should be dissolved.   The situation in 2011 was critical.  So, as the city prepares to create its 2013 budget, the question must be asked.  How is Waveland doing today?  Al Showers gets answers to that question on WLOX News at 6:00.

Karen Abernathy has a heartwarming story in her Monday Healthwatch report.  She sits down and talks with Ashlee Anderson.  The Waveland man had his leg amputated last year.  What's so impressive about Anderson is the progress he's making.  It's not only helping himself, he's encouraging others at the same time.

After the 6:00 news, flip over to CBS and watch WLOX News at 6:30.  If you do, you'll meet Doc Thomas.  Who's Doc Thomas.  Well, if you drive by the Armed Forces Retirement Home at sunrise, you've probably seen Thomas on his bicycle greeting you as you pass by.  So why does he do it?  Watch Hannah Moseley on our CBS newscast and learn about Doc Thomas' uplifting morning routine.

Have a great night.