Gulfport learning about hosting big events in Jones Park

With CPR Fest held in Jones Park over the weekend, Gulfport has hosted two big music festivals in the past four months.

On Monday the tents were coming down. Trash cans were being removed. The clean up of Jones Park continues after hosting a the festival Friday and Saturday "The stage was taken down Sunday. Crews have been working non stop to make it look like nothing ever happened" said city spokesman Ryan LaFontaine.

Thousands converged on Jones Park over the weekend. The city says that volume of people translates into revenue for the city "It puts people here. Dollars are exchanging hands. That was the goal to bring people here and spend money."

A standard contract was signed with the promoter. The city provided fencing, barricades and traffic control.

The promoter was responsible for putting up and removing tents and cleaning up after the event.

LaFontaine says the balance for Gulfport is the relationship with making money and preserving the quality of life for citizens "The goal is to generate revenue and to make living near the park a joy as well."

There were some inconveniences. The public boat launch and fishing piers were closed. Also Gulfport spent 20 million dollars restoring the park and heavy foot traffic can take its toll.

LaFontaine says Gulfport is learning about dealing with issues with every event " There are challenges with traffic, manpower, cleaning up, setting up and logistics. We're working through all of those."