Gas Prices Reducing Spending Money

"It is just unreal how expense gas prices are, almost two dollars a gallon," mother of two Jennifer Brouchard said.

Brochard knows digging deep into her pocketbook to pay for gas is affecting her budget this year.

"I'm a single parent," Brouchard explained. "We got to have gas going back and forth to work."

Since she's having to spend the family's spending money on gasoline, she's found a good way to save money in other ways. Instead of going to the mall to buy summer clothes for her two girls, she goes to thrift stores.

"This is a cheap place to shop, and you still get name brand clothes and stuff, and good stuff, you know," Brouchard said. "Some of it's new. You get new clothes here, and there're still cheaper than going to the mall."

Charles Phillips is having to pinch his pennies, also, since gas prices are 50 cents higher a gallon now, compared to this time last year.

"Gas prices will definitely put you in a financial bind," Phillips said. "I know right now, it's definitely had me re-do my budget."

He and his family just drove down here from Georgia. Since they're spending a lot more money on gas compared to last year, they're saving money by getting clothes at thrift stories, too.

"We try to save a little bit of money anywhere we can," Phillips explained.

As Brouchard loads her truck with her girls' new summer wardrobe, she knows watching prices where you shop can save a lot of money that can be used to fill up her tank.

By: Claire Nelson