Minister Asks Parents To Take Kids Out Of Public Schools

A new national movement among the Christian community calls for parents to pull their children out of public schools. The movement is known as the Exodus Mandate. A South Carolina Minister named E. Ray Moore founded the movement in 1997.

"The state shouldn't be running schools," says Moore. "They should get out of the education business altogether and let families and churches do it."

Moore believes children should either be home schooled or enrolled in private Christian Schools where they can learn in a healthy environment.

The minister says parents should remove their kids because the curriculum in public schools contradicts many Christian beliefs.

"Evolution is taught as fact and not a theory and they don't give equal time for the creation method," says Moore. "They're introducing all this modern fadism. They have sex education now in the schools without any orientation toward what we call Christian covenant marriage. The homosexual movement is infiltrating many of the schools."

The Exodus Mandate will be presented to the Southern Baptist Convention when it opens on June 15. If the mandate is accepted the convention will recommend that its more than 16 million members consider removing their children from public schools. The mandate has been called controversial and extreme by many, but it is also gaining lots of support.

"I, personally, want my children in a Christian where what they're taught there does not conflict with what we teach at home," Joanna Williams says.

Her husband Harris believes the movement will continue to gain support.

"I believe a lot of Christian parents will come to the conclusion that their kids will be better off if they were not in a public school," says Williams.

by Josh Ridgdell