Sunscreen, Swimsuits, And One Big Party

The heavy rain Sunday morning didn't crash the big party out on Ship Island Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of people put on their bathing suits and hopped in their boats and sailed out for the annual Rendezvous.

Jennifer Crohn Stephanie Williams and Lauren Broussard recently started a singing group.

Their first gig together drew quite a crowd.

"Oh, it was exciting," said Broussard. "Everybody was really entertained. Everybody honked their horns after we got done, and it was really a good experience for all of us."

Eight-year-old Justin McDaniel also drew rave reviews for his performance.

Not once, but twice he sent opponents in the hoola hoop contest packing.

"I practice everyday with my brother and we see who can do the best," said Justin.

The Rendezvous drew hundreds of people, many of whom make the boat ride each year.

The festivities included entertainment, food lots of contests.

Derek Wilkinson entered the "Mr. Ship Island" competition.

"I like everything about it. I like the beer, I like the women, the music, everything is beautiful. I come out here every year and this is the place to be every year," Wilkinson said.

Coliseum director Bill Holmes said the crowd for this year's Ship Island Rendezvous wasn't as large as last year's but the event did break even.