Pascagoula Train Depot Turns 100 Years Old

As 84-year-old Margeuerite Colle looked through these art prints, it brought back lots of memories of Jackson County.

Colle and her sister Anne Petty remember when this train depot, that's now considered an art gallery, was a brand new building.

"In the 20s, 30s, and 40s, there were numerous trains that came through," Petty said. "We had about five passenger trains a day that came."

Petty says she can't believe this building is now standing after 100 years.

"We were afraid they were going to demolish it, but L&M Railroad, while they were still in business, donated it to the city so they could be saved," Petty said.

Now that the city owns the train station, artists like Dena McKee are able to display their work.

McKee paints mostly historic and well-known places in Jackson County, like this train depot.

"From the records that I've been reading, the depot was completed in late spring early summer," McKee said.

She said the people who appreciate her paintings of popular places the most are the people who live here.

"Looking around at some of the pictures. Gosh, every one of them has some type of meaning," McKee said.

And as Colle and Petty talked to their other friends, who remember when this train depot and other historic buildings were thriving, they're hoping the depot will still be here, as well as many of the other historic places, for another 100 years.