South Mississippi Braces For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season began just a few days ago, and coast rescue agencies are preparing for the worst.

Experts are predicting eight hurricanes during this six-month season, three of these storms are expected to be intense.

Major Darrell Kingsbury spent much of Sunday morning working on a 10-day meal plan for emergency food services.

He knows it may soon come in handy now that hurricane season has begun.

"If you talk to survivors, the folks who were here when Camille hit, they will tell you it's not if, it's when. And the longer we go the greater the odds are that this is going to be the year," Kingsbury said.

Major Kingsbury provided disaster relief services when Hurricane George hit the Coast in 1998.

The category 3 hurricane left behind millions of dollars in property damage along the coast, but claimed no lives in Mississippi.

"My fear is that folks that have never seen the results of a major hurricane, much less gone through one, when one does come along they're going to laugh it off and say, I saw Georges, it's nothing to worry about. And a major hurricane is something to be very, very much afraid of," Kingsbury said.

Major Kingsbury says everyone who lives on the coast should have a hurricane evacuation plan.

One of the biggest mistakes he's seen people make during these times of disaster is waiting too long to follow evacuation orders.

"If it's a mandatory evacuation, it's a pretty serious thing, when we get to mandatory. When it's recommended, I would suggest folks evacuate at that point while the traffic is low. When it gets to mandatory, they're going to be sending everybody out, and the roads are going to be jammed and it's going to be very difficult to get out," Kingsbury said.

Weather during hurricane season is always hard to predict, but you and your family can have a plan in place, that will keep you covered until the season ends in late November.