Florence fizzles as Ernesto aims for Mexico

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie.  I'm not sure what happened out your window late this afternoon.  But, boy did it rain here at WLOX.  Fortunately, that's all it did.  Just as our WLOX 24/7 Weather team predicted, a tropical wave brought some pretty significant showers to South Mississippi.

That's all we should get from the tropics this week.  Forecasters expect Ernesto to track toward Mexico.  And Florence has fizzled.  But, don't let your guard down.  We're the approaching the peak time season of hurricane season.  And you never know what may form, and where it may go.  That's why you should always have WLOX at your fingertips.  Download our app on your iPhone or your Android devices, and you'll be just a click away from the latest weather information.

Governor Bryant met with members of the Mississippi State Port Authority this morning.  He wanted the one-on-one talk to go over the efforts being made to expand the port.  You can read more about the governor's visit by going to WLOX.com.

Bay St. Louis investigators say a murder suspect is in custody.  They tell us the suspect is Glen Davis, and he was arrested in Michigan.  Davis allegedly killed 83 year old Maurice Colly and stashed his body in the trunk of a car. That car was found last March in the garage of the Second Street apartment Colly owned.

I saw a picture on the WLOX Facebook wall from Pearl River County.  Neighbors up there staged a protest rally outside the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors meeting.  They have their own ideas about how to keep Pearl River County's budget in the black.  Al Showers covered the protest today.   You'll hear what he heard when you flip on our CBS channel and watch WLOX News at 6:30.

Have a great night.  I'll talk with you tomorrow.